Natural Harmony Body & Joint Rub

Florentine Gold

Natural Harmony

Body and Joint Rub


Made with Natural Crystal Mineral Salts and Essential Oils

Eases those tired muscles and joints
Proudly Australian made and owned…


Florentine Gold Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub

Made with… Purified Water, Crystal Mineral Salts, Natural Plant Gel, Pure Essential Lavender Oil, Pure Essential Eucalyptus Oil, Cold Pressed Neolardi Bean Oil, Germin Bin Oil

Contains No ….Sulphites, added Preservatives, Parabens, Petroleum Based Products, Artificial Fragrances, Toxic or Harmful Chemicals or Animal Derivatives.

Choose Cruelty Friendly (CCF & Vegan Accredited)

Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub is an amazing product with so many uses and benefits

Made with all natural mineral crystal salts and essential oils

Suitable for Sensitive skin
No harmful additives
Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 and all it’s benefits
Easy absorption
Dries non greasy
Ozone friendly
Not tested on animals

Florentine Gold Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub

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I can not believe how good your product is. Its amazing. Thank you so much for making it‬… T Banks

Hello, bought your product for my Mother recently and she is raving about it. There is NO other product I’ve found for her on the market like yours. Thank you! …G McAllister

Just purchased some of your Body and Joint Rub – amazing stuff!!! ….S Robertson

My whole family-including my teenage boys-call this product our ‘miracle cream’ I will never ever buy anything else ! … J Johnston

I think your products are the best you can buy… F Emmitt

Best product I have used. After using body and joint rub for a few days felt a real difference… K Andrea

You have got no idea the difference your body and joint rub has made to my life…. A Cook

The most amazing body and joint pain rub I have ever used I cant believe how good it is . Thank you Florentine Gold… D Andrew

I use this product daily, many times for many different reasons…. D Briggs-Wilson

The body and joint lotion is fantastic… K Mann

It’s wonderful, works quickly and smells divine!‬… L Ewer

Great products and the best part is that it works‬… D Martika

Omg i cant live without this stuff. Luv it !!‬… D Bainbridge

What a difference it makes. Great product‬… G Smith

You changed my life, no seriously you have. thankyou‬… R Jones

This stuff is brilliant my hubby swears by it.‬… D Smith

Thank you so much for making this amazing cream!!… J Cosgrove


Proudly Australian Made and Owned

Natural Harmony, Tropical Guard & Deodorants



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