Florentine Gold


made with Natural Crystal Mineral Salts

24 hour Protection NATURALLY

Florentine Gold Pure & Natural Deodorants made with Natural Crystal Mineral Salts, kill the bacteria in perspiration that causes body odour. 24 hour protection.

Made with Natural Crystal Mineral Salts.

“Treating the cause not the symptom”

Lily of the Valley fragrance

Pure & Natural Lily of the Valley Deodorant fragranced with Lily of the Valley.

Persuasion fragrance

Pure & Natural Persuasion Deodorant fragranced with a soft floral blend.

Fragrance free (for sensitive skin)

Pure & Natural Fragrance Free Deodorant fragrance free (no smell).

Mystique made with Essential Oils

Pure & Natural Mystique Deodorant, Frangipani and Lemon Essential oils with crisp light citrus uplifting scent.

Prosper made with Essential Oils 

 Pure & Natural Prosper Deodorant, Vanilla, Bergamot & Lime Essential oils for a light fresh tropical scent


Florentine Gold Pure & Natural Deodorants are made with Natural Crystal Mineral Salts available in 100ml Mist, 80ml Roll-On and Crystal Stick.

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Deodorant Reviews


Whilst in Adelaide for a weekend in December. (I am from Melbourne) I came across these products at an evening market and purchased the Deodrant Roll On. Cannot speak highly enough of it. Your product is amazing and I love it. Thank you!!!



Fantastic Products. Deodorant Stick is amazing, will never look back! Body and Joint Rub is great stuff. Great people, great service.



Love the deodorants. Naturally beautiful.



Fantastic products that work made by an ethical company with exceptional customer service. Love it and them!



Please ask for Florentine Gold Pure & Natural Crystal Mineral Salt Deodorants in your local FOODLAND, IGA supermarkets, selected Health Food Stores, Pharmacies and retail outlets.

Order online with  flat rate delivery.


Proudly Australian Made and Owned

Natural Harmony, Tropical Guard & Deodorants

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