Testimonials From Our Customers

 Testimonials From Our Customers

Arthritis is often referred to as a single disease however there are many strains of arthritis, the most common strains are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and even Juvenile arthritis.

Arthritis related problems include pain, stiffness, inflammation and damage to joints and cartilage and can cause fatigue and even depression in some cases.

There are many types of arthritis pain relief on the market with a growing trend toward natural arthritis treatment as people become aware of the effects of powerful medications on the kidneys and liver causing downstream sickness and disease.

Arthritis is a major cause of disability and chronic pain in Australia, with almost 4 million Australians affected from babies through to adults and the elderly.

Arthritis in Australia increases as the population grows, research suggests by 2050 7 million Australians will suffer from some form of arthritis.

We’d like to thank our customers for their feedback and testimonials often left on our facebook page.



A thank you for the wonderful NATURAL HARMONY. I’ve been using this natural product for my arthritis pain and I have found that it has been incredibly beneficial to me. It is so wonderful not to be full of pain and the relief I feel with this amazing product without all the usual additives and one that is also kind to an extremely sensitive skin.

Again, thank you for a wonderful affordable product that for me, fulfils its claims. I would not be without it.

Jan (Morphett Vale, South Australia)

I have been a user of Florentine Health’s Natural Harmony for a number of years and have good success with this product for my hip, back and arthritis pain.

Recently a sample of the Florentine Gold Natural Harmony body and joint rub was given to me.

When I tried it, I was amazed at the results. The pain relief was so much quicker than the previous Natural Harmony made by Jenny (Florentine Health) which I could hardly believe .

I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to try the “New” Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub, and would highly recommend its use, a wonderful product for pain relief. Congratulations on a great natural product.


 Peter (Retired Professional)

I am a seventy four year old retired man. After a Professional lifetime of designing and building large decorative objects.

As a Sufferer of Osteoarthritis I’ve seen more than my share of health professionals.

Last year I crush fractured a spinal vertebrae then fell heavily breaking my nose and tore the tendons in both upper arms.

A close friend gave me some NATURAL HARMONY to try on my arthritic hands.

I’m a Natural cynic so it was with some surprise that I seemed to get almost instant relief.

This was sometime ago now and I’ve no hesitation in recommending this remarkable product to anybody who will listen.

I don’t know how or why it works and I don’t care, all I know is that as I apply it daily the lovely fresh eucalyptus smell means another day free of pain.

Angie Davies

i have tried this on my knee as i have ostio arthritis and it is amazing, no other product has worked like this .. I also let my friend try it for her pain full problem and she also found it 100% better than all the pills she has prescribed for her Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, if she can cut down on tablets she feels it will be better for her.

Gemma McAllister

Hello, bought your product for my Mother recently and she is raving about it. There is NO other product I’ve found for her in the market to give such relief. Thank you!

Ricky Lu‎

I just like to thank you for being on the Victor Harbor Market on Sunday 25th.

I bought a Body Rub from you there for my Trochanteric Bursitis Pain which I have already for 6 months, tried everything so far and no relief till now and it is only the 2nd day I am using Florentine Gold.

Trish Chatwin

After a particularly hard day yesterday the arthritis in my hands kept me awake last night and today the pain has been excruciating. I got out my bottle of body and joint rub. Rubbed just a little on my hands and wrists and within 10 minutes this magic juice was working its mystical power. 20 minutes later, and 90% of the pain is gone. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.

Kez Mahony

I would like to comment on the Body and Joint rub, which I have found to be an excellent product. As a vineyard hand of many, many years I have got arthritis in my right hand I have found this product to relieve the pain and swelling. Cheers Kez (Ulysses member).

Vicky Antoniadis‎

I tried the harmony rub for a sore neck and headache last night at the moonlight markets. Within minutes I was like WOW….. absolutely no way does a product work so quickly. I truly thought I was imagining its amazing effect. I could feel the tension disappearing. My sister agrees! I cant wait to try it on my shoulder bursitis.

Im so glad I brought your product last night. THANKYOU, Im hooked.

Christine Schupelius

My husband and I use the pain relief, I use the deodorant and the insect repellent. We love the products and want to buy more.

Sandra Martin‎

I have loved using your products for years and converted friends to trying it also. You now have a new following of farmers around Mount Gambier who love the benefits of the pain relief rub.

Rebecca Buckley

OMG received my order yesterday and I am very pleased to say that after all this time of stiff knees I was actually able to walk up and down my sloped driveway normally (usually have to walk sideways and slowly) for the first time. And be able to bend my knees properly. Thankyou very much Florentine Gold xx

Barbara Matthews‎

I discovered you at the Yankalilla show last Saturday and oh boy am I glad I did! I could only stay at the show for a very short time because I was experiencing severe pain in my heel and was having trouble walking. This pain had been intermittent for some time but for about the last 3 months has been pretty constant and has at times made walking almost unbearable. I tried your body and joint rub while at the show and bought a pack which included the insect repellent because as I said ‘it was worth a try’. Well was I surprised! I walked home from the show and was astounded to find that the pain was immediately enormously improved. I think about 90% better. I was hoping it wasn’t some kind of placebo effect so I gave the rub to my husband to try on his painful arm and shoulder. He too was amazed at the instant reduction of pain. I had my mother with me at the show and she is now sorry that she didn’t buy a bottle. So needless to say I am taking your brochures to the local supermarket and chemist today to see if one of them will order your products in for me. I will however probably place an online order while I wait. Thank you so much. I have already and will continue to recommend your product to whoever I can. Oh and by the way, I haven’t tried the insect repellent yet but if it is anywhere near as good as the joint rub I will be further her delighted. Best to you all and thank you thank you thank you.

Samantha Hurles‎

I bought the pain relief cream and I just have to rave about it! I experienced relief within minutes of application!! My hip ached substantially since carrying my son for 42 weeks in pregnancy.. But once I feel that pain rise I just moisturise the lotion into the effected area and I am amazed each time!! And its all natural too! Thank you, from one VERY happy customer.

Kylie Heath

Gave a bottle to my mother with plantar fasciitis and the next day she could walk with more comfort. My neck also feels more relaxed too. Thank you team!‬

Helen de la Perrelle‪

Oh wow Thankyou SO much! These lovely ladies saw us at Cleve Field Days with poor Ben (12) in so much pain in his knees he was in his wheelchair – they slathered his knees in stuff and Ben reported immediate easing of the pain – knees are better than what they were and he’s walking again – but still uses this stuff every day for his ongoing pain in joints‬

David Williams‎

I was sceptical about this product’s ability to ease rheumatic pain until I tried it, how wrong was I !! Not only does it give relief from the pain, but it also has a healing effect on psoriasis which I have had on my lower legs. Thanks for a great product.

Stephen Shelbourne‎

About a year ago I injured my shoulder and upper arm. I am 68 and reasonably fit, however at this age things take a while to repair and get back to normal. Recently I was digging two deep holes in stony ground with a crow bar to plant advanced shrubs under an old oak tree with low branches, not a nice job. Next day I couldn’t lift my arm or turn my neck and had a fair bit of constant pain. In the evening my wife suggested that I should try the “Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub” that she had recently bought at a local market and had been using nightly to help with a long term injury she has in her back (one fractured and one crushed vertebrae ) neither can be operated on. She has had excellent relief using the product. I have decided to make this post because of the immediate relief and ongoing improvement I have experienced using the product. It just may help somebody who has exhausted all usual medication without any worthwhile relief or improvement. The pain in my arm and shoulder is better now than it has been for ten months and I have tried heaps of jells etc with little result. I fully recommend the Joint rub for this type of pain. I think the improvement to my arm and shoulder in remarkable.

Emma Molineux

The body and joint rub is amazing! I have an inflammatory arthritis, especially in my wrist and using this product I can feel the difference in no time. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

Simone Bailey

Awesome, my back pain is gone! Thank you so much!!

Heather Maye

This is the very best product for joint relief, use it continually throughout the day & have saved myself a lot of money by not needing to go to the Chiropractor as often, keep up the great work

Mirella Zurlino-Parente

We bought the body & joint rub today it’s fantastic! Within 5 minutes started to feel relief. Thanks for the rub Paul it works!

Trevor-Jan Bolitho

Excellent products. Highly recommend the pain relief and insect repellant.

Lynda Matthews

Love this product. It really does relieve the pain.

Lea Anita Black

Harmony Body and joint rub is excellent stuff……I had a sore neck the other day and rubbed some in and it went away as I forgot all about it too. I get pain in my right arm from too much computing I guess and rub some in and hey presto my arms better not much longer later. :) Its great stuff and has the bonus of being natural.

Trish Chatwin

Crippling arthritis in my hands has stopped me doing lots of simple every day things like lifting a full kettle. I have had to seriously change many things. However since discovering this beautiful natural product, body and joint rub, the pain is bearable and life is good again. I still have some pain, but so much more bearable, and without drugs.

Raelene Baker

Husband bought this for his back – osteoarthritis pain – now sleeping the best he has for a long time after trying many products. He also has an elbow & thumb strain for the last 12 months that he was wearing braces for – within 3 days he no longer wore the braces & can now pick up the grand kids pain free . We have now given a bottle to my mum who strained her leg & she has said it has made a difference already.

Great product

Julia Ats

I have had a very painful bursitis in my shoulder for the Past six months. I bought this product 4 days ago and I am very impressed with the effect. Especially with the night pain. I was on the verge of a cortisone injection after months of Physio, but will hold off if this relief keeps up.

Samantha Hurles

I bought the pain relief cream and I just have to rave about it! I experienced relief within minutes of application!! My hip ached substantially since carrying my son for 42 weeks in pregnancy.. But once I feel that pain rise I just moisturise the lotion into the effected area and I am amazed each time!! And its all natural too! Thank you, from one VERY happy customer.

Rob Mcmahon

I bought the natural harmony body and joint rub on Sunday at the adelaide show grounds! Had a work accident 1 year ago fractured my femoral head and had surgery! First time I have been nearly pain free since the accident! I took it to work on Monday a few of my co workers have tried it an can not believe the results! It’s now Wednesday all I can say is thank you very much!

Kate Crawshaw

Good to see you again last weekend. Just wanted to share how awesome the Body and Joint Rub is. I’ve had psoriasis for the last 2 years and while UV treatment and hardcore steroid creams have helped, I’ve had unsightly, stubborn patches all over my hands for ages, making me very self-conscious. I’ve tried so many things that just didn’t work. Even the steroid cream was making my skin so thin it would bleed at the slightest knock. Started using your joint rub a few months ago and now the itch is gone, I’ve been able to ditch the steroids (yippee!) and my hands almost look normal! So excited I just stocked up on about a year’s worth!!! Thanks guys, keep up the good work

Kate Hampton

I recently came across this amazing range of products at The Enlighten Festival in Adelaide last Saturday. I bought one of everything plus an extra deodorant and a joint and body rub for my daughter. I have 2 frozen shoulders plus 3 spinal discs bone on bone. For the first time in 5 years the nerve burning sensation in my shoulder is gone and I am pain free. I had previously tried Physio. Pliates. Oesteopathy. Accupuncture. Shiatzu massage. Sports massage and healing massage. Eastern and Western medicines. My only regret was that I did not buy more at the time as I would dearly love to gift another set to buy dear mother who at 92 years old lives every day with severe shoulder back and leg pain. She cannot use effective pain medication due to her heart medications. My daughter is now out of pain with her back. I would dearly love to win for my mum. It is important to all of us that these products are natural and chemical free. Liked and shared. Thankyou Florentine Gold ‬

Andrea Cook‪

Thanks for being at farm world. I tried you product on my shoulder yesterday. I have fibromyalgia throughout the body but also have mussel problems in the shoulder. My shoulder has gone from heavy to being light and am able to move my hand behind my back comfortably with minimum strain. I also sleep on my left side and didn’t wake up with any pain in the shoulder area. Thanks you for informing me about the product. I love all natural products and such a relief to get benefits from them. ‬

Kyle McCandles

Just a quick note to say how much your Natural Harmony product has helped me.I suffer form arthritis in my hands thanks to injuries sustained in my youth, the Natural Harmony helps with the pain more than anything I have used in the past.

But where it is really helping me is with my back, I suffered a pretty bad back injury skiing, I ended up having a spine operation but still suffer on a daily basis. When my back flares up I can hardly move, just putting shoes on is a real effort. I have found that the Natural Harmony frees up the muscles around the spine and gives me immediate relief. The reduction in pain is greater than any pain medication I have been taking, also it allows me to get on with work as I am able to move. I would recommend your product  to ANYONE who suffers lower back pain.

Thanks and kind regards


Ethan Cavill

I’m 13 years old and ive been having knee problems for a couple months, I tried using meloxicam tablets to stop the problem. It wasn’t really helping my knee after a couple weeks of using them. I was given some of your Natural Harmony and it had almost immediately worked, I stopped using the pills because I heard they were terrible to your body and now I only use the natural harmony which doesn’t do any harm to your body and it actually works!

Mirella Zurlino-Parente‪

My husband had a knee replacement & pain has been severe! He started using the body & joint rub & has stopped taking pain medication these last few days! It’s really gives him pain relief. Fantastic product!!!! ‬

Kylie Heath‪

Gave a bottle to my mother with plantar fasciitis and the next day she could walk with more comfort. My neck also feels more relaxed too. Thank you team!‬

Stephen Shelbourne

‪I’ve always been sceptical of all the advertised creams oils and capsules, finding most of them do little to help me with my arthritis. However, having used Natural Harmony Body & Joint Rub now for over two years I have to say this is the only product that helps me sleep through the night and makes it comfortable to go off to work before sunrise on cold wet winter days… It really works as well as the manufacturer claims.‬

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