Natural Harmony Body & Joint Rub 200ml




Pain relief natures way

Florentine Gold Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub is wonderful for all types of pain relief. This 200ml bottle is the perfect size to share with the whole family or for those wanting to use ongoing.

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves, read them for yourself then give the product a try.


Apply three times consecutively. Repeat three times per day for the first week once per day thereafter for maintenance or as required.


Purified Water, Natural Plant Gel, Natural Crystal Mineral Salts, Cold Pressed Neoloidi Bean Oil, Pue Essential Lavender Oil, Pure Essential Eucalyptus Oil, Germin.


Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub, hands down the best soothing balm for sore aches and pains. It is not one of those icy hot treatments. It is a naturally occuring warmth that occurs where you apply it and within moments the pain naturally goes away. I do not know how this works or why the pain goes away, but it does. All those over the counter medicines for pain does nothing compared to this. There are no side effects and it also calms the senses because of the very pleasing essences. I would not buy anything else. You won’t be disappointed with this little can. It lasts forever, even if you use it everyday to treat neck and shoulder aches. A little goes a long way and applying too much is a waste. Rub it in “hard” (Use a few slow, deep strokes) and within seconds you should have relief. Within minutes, most or all of it should be gone.

Dr H Bhara

Made in the Adelaide Hills
Product of Australia

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