Natural Harmony Body & Joint Rub

Florentine Gold

Natural Harmony

Body and Joint Rub


Made with Natural Crystal Mineral Salts and Essential Oils

Eases those tired muscles and joints
Proudly Australian made and owned…


Florentine Gold Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub

Made with… Purified Water, Natural Crystal Mineral Salts, Natural Plant Gel, Pure Essential Lavender Oil, Pure Essential Eucalyptus Oil, Cold Pressed Neolardi Bean Oil, Germin Bin Oil

Contains No ….Sulphites, added Preservatives, Parabens, Petroleum Based Products, Artificial Fragrances, Toxic or Harmful Chemicals or Animal Derivatives.

Choose Cruelty Friendly (CCF & Vegan Accredited)

Arthritis pain relief that “works within minutes”

Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub is an amazing product with so many uses and benefits

Made with all natural mineral crystal salts and essential oils

Excellent for Sensitive skin
No harmful additives
Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 and all it’s benefits
Easy absorption
Non greasy
Ozone friendly
Not tested on animals

Florentine Gold Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub

Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub, wonderful for all types of pain relief including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Neck and shoulder stiffness, Headaches and Migraines, Pulled and Strained Muscles, Tennis Elbow. Also for relief of some skin conditions including Pimples, Eczema, & Psoriasis.

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Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub, hands down the best soothing balm for sore aches and pains. It is not one of those icy hot treatments. It is a naturally occuring warmth that occurs where you apply it and within moments the pain naturally goes away. I do not know how this works or why the pain goes away, but it does. All those over the counter medicines for pain does nothing compared to this. There are no side effects and it also calms the senses because of the very pleasing essences. I would not buy anything else. You won’t be disappointed with this little can. It lasts forever, even if you use it everyday to treat neck and shoulder aches. A little goes a long way and applying too much is a waste. Rub it in “hard” (Use a few slow, deep strokes) and within seconds you should have relief. Within minutes, most or all of it should be gone.

Dr H Bhara

As a retired pharmacist, I have been interested in these natural products for some time. We have been using the pain relief rub with great success and the deodorants have been wonderful. The products are very well researched and compounded indeed and the added natural scents most comforting too. I would have been proud to have these products for sale in my pharmacies.

Graeme Hall

After suffering since the age of 13, and trialling many products on the market, including prescription drugs such as voltaren, codein etc.. I began using Florentine Gold’s Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub and was absolutely blown away with how it helped take the uncomfortable edge off my back and neck pain within minutes of application. It is so refreshing to actually discover a product that works the way it says it does, and actually does the job! A must have in my eyes, and i cannot recommend this product enough. Thankyou so much Florentine Gold for restoring the comfort and freedom i thought i had trully lost and for removing the pain i had learnt to live with.


I am a seventy four year old retired man. After a Professional lifetime of designing and building large decorative objects. As a Sufferer of Osteoarthritis I’ve seen more than my share of health professionals. Last year I crush fractured a spinal vertebrae then fell heavily breaking my nose and tore the tendons in both upper arms. A close friend gave me some NATURAL HARMONY BODY AND JOINT RUB to try on my arthritic hands. I’m a Natural cynic so it was with some surprise that I seemed to get almost instant relief. This was sometime ago now and I’ve no hesitation in recommending this remarkable product to anybody who will listen. I don’t know how or why it works and I don’t care, all I know is that as I apply it daily the lovely fresh eucalyptus smell means another day free of pain. Thanks again,

Peter (Retired Professional) St Peters Adelaide, South Australia.

Good Morning Florentine Gold
I just wanted to give you an amazing update with my Ezcema outbreak. The Muscle and Joints cream was amazing…It cleared it up faster than my cortizone cream ever has but 1 thing it did that no other cream ever has before it is. it softened my skin and the skin tone.. after my outbreak my skin is always left darker, rougher for a couple weeks. this did not happen… it was gone and super super smooth and just like my normal skin colour. I cant begin to describe how stoked and happy I am. Thankyou so much Floretine Gold!!! your product is amazing, and I am telling anyone and everyone who will listen how amazing it is.
Thankyou .

Sam Minshull

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Proudly Australian Made and Owned

All Natural Arthritis Pain Relief & Deodorants

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