Testimonials for Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub


“Conventional medicine failed my little boy. He had been unable to walk for a week. A small amount of Florentine Gold product and within minutes he was walking within 30 mins he was running again. Had such a huge impact and so quick acting. I just wanted to put our story out there for others to read see how great your products really are‬.”

Alice Joyce


“My mother had a knee replacement operation a number of months ago. She has struggled with pain and inflammation since having the surgery and also lost a good range of movement.

Yesterday she visited and explained she still had poor movement and swelling and was having a bad day with the knee. I had the bottle of NATURAL HARMONY that you gave me and asked her to try it. She applied it and within ten minutes stated that she felt some tingling and another ten minutes later was able to bend her knee further. She used it overnight and has said to me this morning that it has definitely helped her with her normally routine of shuffling down the corridor, she actually walked normally from bed to kitchen.

But wait there is more, my Dad used it on his side where he had a fractured rib, also a glowing report from him in regards to the pain relief.
A great natural product, thanks.”

Anthony (Accounts Manager)


“Thank you so very much for my prize the Natural Harmony body & joint rub. Its absolutely fantastic!! I had a car accident a few yrs back & nothing has helped the constant ache in my neck. But this has!!! It’s barely even there anymore after using it for 3 days. Thanks so much Florentine Gold, I really love it!!”

Tana M Hewett


“My partner suffers from complex regional pain syndrome which is the most painful disease known to man. He takes a myriad of medications and this product is all natural and one of the only topical cream he can stand on his skin. Hyperallodynia makes the most slightest touch hurt ridiculously and this cream he is able to put on without too much pain. It works so well. I can not believe how good your product is. Its amazing. Thank you so much for making it‬”

‪Tanya Banks


“I have fibromyalgia and I find this is the only product that gives me almost instant relief from the pain I suffer above anything else that I have used including medication, its natural, its amazing and made here in south Australia…love it! thank you Florentine gold!‬”

‪Heather Bartholomew


“It is an amazing product Paul rubbed it on my forearmno more pain or tight muscles.”

Roger Klingberg


“Hello I got some cream yesterday at meadows fair and I must say even though my hip pain had subsided marginally by the time I went back to buy the cream after trying it I was still a bit skeptical but I used it again before bed last night and I actually got straight up this morning with out having to roll out of bed I normally need to get moving for an hour or so before it gets any better but I have no pain at all this morning, marvelous stuff thank you”

Jackalyn Hirniak


“Went to Ingle Farm Shopping Centre today & ran into Paul, what a lovely helpful guy

Bought Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub, came home in pain & used it….. FANTASTIC! My pain has definitely eased & movement is better already! Big winner to me

Thank you Florentine Gold for making such a great product”

Karen Kemp


“Love the body and joint rub. I have a condition called D.I.S.H where my spine is fusing together. Its very painful. But using the rub helps, it works quick and the lavender smell is relaxing.. Highly recommended.”

Pamela Hansen


“I cannot rave about the body and joint rub enough! I was suffering with hip pain which kept me awake at night, particularly after a busy day at work. I was quite sceptical but purchased the rub out of sheer desperation and got a full nights sleep the first night I used it! Both of my teenagers now use it as pimple cream with great results, it has really reduced the inflammation and cleared their skin. It takes the itch out of mozzie bites too. Love this stuff and recommend it highly! Oh, it smells divine too”

Tanya Sandow

Skin conditions

“Good Morning Florentine Gold
I just wanted to give you an amazing update with my Ezcema outbreak. The Muscle and Joints cream was amazing…It cleared it up faster than my cortizone cream ever has but 1 thing it did that no other cream ever has before it softened my skin and the skin tone.. after my outbreak my skin is always left darker, rougher for a couple weeks, this did not happen… it was gone and super super smooth and just like my normal skin colour. I cant begin to describe how stoked and happy I am. Thankyou so much Floretine Gold!!! your product is amazing, and I am telling anyone and everyone who will listen how amazing it is.

Thank you”

Sam Minshull


“Natural Harmony has been amazing for my teenage daughter. Once she started using the product morning and night, her pimples cleared up within a day or so. She is extremely happy about the product and her self esteem is high. I am extremely happy about the price and how much value you get. Two happy customers ! This product can be used as “Magic” cream.

Thank You Florentine Gold.”

J Blight


“My 14 year old daughter suffers psoriasis and has tried many prescription medicines but none have been able to help control the psoriasis. A friend told me to try Natural Harmony and it has helped clear it up to the point where it has nearly all gone. It is now all that she will use on her skin. My 11 year old daughter has started to get a heat rash on the inside of her arms so I was straight onto it with the natural Harmony. I can’t believe it helps with so many different skin problems.”

Kathy Kraft


“A few months ago I had serious sun damage to each side of my face. It was painful and red with lumps on the surface. I was pouring moisturizers into my skin to get relief. I saw the natural harmony body and joint rub and read the reviews. Within 3 days the pain and redness had gone and after 6 days the lumps pealed off leaving lovely skin. Initially need to apply 3 times a day but now just once in morning and no symptoms returned. This product is unusual that it feels like it is drying the skin due to its salts but has been excellent in healing my skin damage. cheers Peter”

Peter Turner


“I have been advising people I meet over here in Esperance wa to try your product !!! It’s awesome guys!! …. Affordable and it works for so many different ailments ! You’ve helped my Gran at 93, with her ageing skin, she was uncomfortable most days. The muscle and joint rub worked almost instantly!! Her legs look only 83 years old now!!! Incredible!‬”

Nasanya Ling


“I was recently diagnosed with a skin cancer and other skin damage on my scalp. After consultation with a specialist I agreed to Photodynamic Therapy ( PDT ) to the skin damaged area on my scalp. This is a sophisticated non thermal technique involving firstly the application of a light sensitising solution to the area to be treated: This solution is called Aminolevulinic Acid or ALA which is followed by a period of incubation. Light is then administered to the area at a specific wavelength resulting in the abnormal cells being destroyed. 
From a layman’s point of view it was similar to severe sunburn. Once home cold wet microfibre cloths were applied for about 12 hours to take the heat from the scalp area. 
Because of the heat coming from the scalp the microfibre cloth was often dry within 20 minutes but eased off as time went on.

Once the heat on the scalp eased I began applying Florentine Gold’s Natural Harmony Body and Joint rub to the damaged area on my scalp. Each morning before applying the lotion I would very gently remove any dead skin using a microfiber pad.

The Natural Harmony was pleasant when applied which is a testament to the ingredients which are used in the product, and while mild blistering can occurfollowing the PDT treatment there was no blistering at all and new undamaged skin soon appeared.

I reported back to the clinic and they were impressed with the way my scalp had healed so rapidly.

I would not hesitate to recommend this product.”

Ian Rosman


“I cant thank Florentine Gold enough for the relief that the body and joint rub has helped myself and my family, we use your cream on a daily basis as the positive effect that it has brought us is just remarkable. My daughter now 13yrs old suffers from eczema and have tried medication and all sorts of creams over the years with no benefit until we were handed a bottle of your body and joint rub from a friend 3yrs ago and unbelievably over the next few days cleared up with instant relief, even in the private areas. I also found using the cream as a body wash in the shower or bath works great to, to relieve the irritation of eczma and of my psoriasis i had suffered from at times which also cleared within days of using your cream. We even use the rub on our son since the early age of 3 1/2mths (now 9mths) for eczema and to prevent nappy rash, the cream has worked wonders for his teething and has helped with his sleeping also. My partner uses your rub for arthritis of the neck and back for relief of pain within minutes and better move ability. We highly recommend Florentine Gold to our friends and family members from the benefits we have received of multiple issues over the years. And once again THANK YOU so much”

Katrina Sanders


“My whole family-including my teenage boys-call this product our ‘miracle cream’ I will never ever buy anything else for pain or pimples!”

Jodi-AnnSteven Johnston


“My husband has been using the joint and muscle rub on his knee and my son had been using it on his pimples. My hubby was amazed at how much better his knee is feeling! Watching my son’s skin as he had only been using it for a couple of days but I think it looks better already!”

Leah Launer


“I first purchased the body and joint rub shortly after the almond blossom festival this year. I suffer from eczema and so does my nephew (yes this product is an all round miracle cream, don’t let the title fool you) We both get red raw and bleeding from the condition which as you can imagine affects our quality of self esteem and life in general.

My nephew tried this product first and it had cleared him up within 3 days of applying day and night to the point you couldn’t tell he had it. My brother immediately got me to try it and I had the same results. I have never turned back, after using cream after cream and nothing working, i finally know this one works. I have also started using it on my 1yr old daughter and it works better than I could ever asked for on such delicate skin.

I recommend this product to everyone I know, not only for skin conditions but its main purpose.. My whole family (mum, me, brother and step dad) all suffer from bad backs after car crashes and other injuries and all feel the relief within minutes. Never have I had better nights sleep…

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing range of products and at such a low price for the incredible quality.”

Meagan Jade

Itchy skin

“I wanted to share my recent experiences with Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub. I have not long been getting eczema on top of my eye and it was so itchy and I was rubbing it so much that my eye has been so swollen and sore. I tried all sorts of natural creams and everything just burned it and nothing would take away the itchiness, until I realised that I had the Natural Harmony in the house. I thought I may as well give it a go. Let me say, it did not burn and it took away the itchiness so it is finally healing as I am not rubbing it all the time! My son has also been using it on his face instead of his usual pimple cream and it has definitely reduced breakouts, by at least 90%! I recommend this product 100% and really hope that it will soon be available in the shops.”

Donna Hiscock


“Good to see you again last weekend. Just wanted to share how awesome the Body and Joint Rub is. I’ve had psoriasis for the last 2 years and while UV treatment and hardcore steroid creams have helped, I’ve had unsightly, stubborn patches all over my hands for ages, making me very self-conscious. I’ve tried so many things that just didn’t work. Even the steroid cream was making my skin so thin it would bleed at the slightest knock. Started using your joint rub a few months ago and now the itch is gone, I’ve been able to ditch the steroids (yippee!) and my hands almost look normal! So excited I just stocked up on about a year’s worth!!! Thanks guys, keep up the good work”

Kate Crawshaw


Been using the cream for my itching…works a dream. Much, much better than steroid based ones. Thank you!!!!”

Ricky Lu


 “Just purchased some of your Body and Joint Rub yesterday – amazing stuff!!! Used on my almost 3 yr old with a dry patch of skin on his cheek – after a few applications it’s almost gone! Thank you”

Sally Roberson


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