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Natural Harmony Body and Joint Rub, Insect Repellent, Deodorants

Florentine Gold products are made in Australia and proudly Australian owned.

We love hearing from our customers continually telling us how our products have made such a difference to their lives. We love even more when our customers share with others how much they have helped them. So if it’s our amazing Natural Harmony body & Joint Rub or how our pleasant smelling Pure & Natural Insect Repellant has kept the Mozzies away or even how our Pure & Natural Deodorants have got you through the day. So please use our blog and to give us your positive feed back as this is what drives us, making a difference to peoples lives, naturally.

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  1. Kez Parker says

    I am really impressed with your product.. i tried it at the craft fair and brought a pack of 3.. i have given it to a few friends to try and they are also wanting to get some… I have really bad arthritis in my knee the specialist said i was in need of a replacement now so i started taking finitro which has helped but the florentine takes away the ache which is always present.. i will continue using your product and i will continue telling everyone about it.. it really is a great product

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